Hour of Extravaganza
Hour of Extravaganza

Hour of Extravaganza

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After Quitter Mario Moe Schelbert needed a full change and break in the making. He reduced the band to the minimum of a trio and set foot on somewhere totally new. In 2017 he bought vintage guitars from the 60s to find some new sounds and fresh feelings in creation. No more banjo and no more acoustic guitars, at first. Moe's complex compositons found new Earth to grow onto and florished mainly in vibe and mood. Finally he found himself where he always belonged, somewhere between 90s grunge and year 2000 low fi folk music, but more playfully like back in the 70s. The whole album was recorded at Studio vom Dach in Lucerne and played live from scratch. Even though acoustic guitars are rare on this trip, it is yet the most acousticly played album ever...

With the album comes a four piece Mystery Film filmed in the Swiss Alps at Furka by Studio Asparagus. A truly unique piece of art!